Monday, February 15, 2010

A Dog Leash - Cool Concept

    Okay. For all you dog walkers out there who don't seem to know what this is used for..I'll tell you.
See, when you go to a public park and yes I did say PUBLIC you must have some inkling that there will be other people there, yes with their dogs. Know where I am going with this, do ya punk?

      Please tell me you don't think those signs posted that simply state: dogs must be on a leash are just part of the scenery. My husband, myself, and our dog Mutzie frequent area Ohio parks quite often. We are there as I assume ( I know, I know, never assume) but that is exactly what I am doing here that most people are there for a nice leisurely walk, run, or just to sit and take in the surroundings. So is it so much to ask that yes you people who think this is somehow your private park can't seem to take what....a whole two minutes to put your dog on its leash.

        Why should the rest of us have to worry and keep an eye out and try to avoid you just because you think you have your furry friend under control. Tell me I'm wrong, but an animal is just that: An Animal. They go by instinct, go figure....Duh! I don't give a rats ass how much you think you know your pet, instinct is instinct.
     An apology just does not cut it when your dog is making doggy mush out of mine. Have some consideration for your fellow park goers... Not a difficult thing to do.
      Agree with me... Great! If not, Eat MyShortz!

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